• Hampton Involved Parents

    Hampton Involved Parents (HIP) group was formed in November of 2007. As concerned parents we knew the importance of a strong cohesive group of volunteers and the positive impact it would have on Hampton Preparatory.

    What would be the impact if Hampton Preparatory had no volunteers? Volunteers play an important part in every area of our community. If there were no volunteer coaches or organizers, social and sport activities would be largely affected and there probably would be no sporting events, rugby matches, athletics, no Olympic games, the list is surely endless. Without voluntary fund raisers and organizers it would not be possible to host music events, pop concerts or festivals? Without volunteers many governmental functions would cease to exist. The beauty of the environment, beautiful places and wildlife would surely be neglected if it weren’t for the volunteer efforts of many. That’s why we need you!

    A key component to the success of Hampton Preparatory is the involvement of parents and other family members, working through the Hampton Involved Parents (HIP) organization. HIP is led by three parent Volunteer Co-Leaders, with multiple team leaders assigned to specific volunteer areas. Working in conjunction with the school administration, HIP leads and supports school-wide events throughout the year, such as International Days, Field Day, Fine Arts Festival, tutoring, reading assistance, office support as well as classroom and grade events, such as socials and parties. All parents are considered members of the HIP!  We encourage and welcome your participation. Each family will be accessed an annual fee of $12.00 to support the needs of Hampton Involved Parents.

    Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to devote your time, energy and compassion to helping the students here at Hampton Preparatory and supporting teachers and staff. The volunteer program partners you with Hampton Preparatory staff and enables you to become an integral part of the team that along with you is responsible for the education of your child. Volunteers impact the school environment, influence social behaviors of our children, help identify needs, provide one-on-one time with students, and the list goes on and on.