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  • IB Logo We are a free, public, college-preparatory, charter school located in Irving/Las Colinas, serving grades K-12. Uplift North Hills is an International Baccalaureate World Continuum School, authorized in Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.  Click here to learn more.  We are part of Uplift Education which is the largest charter school network in North Texas. Learn more by exploring the About Our School pages.

Lottery Waitlist Message

  • 2018-19 Lottery 

    Lottery results for the 2018-19 school year have been posted as of March 9th.  Only those who have been offered an open spot and the top 25 of each grade's waiting list have been posted. If you signed up via e-mail, you should have received a message regarding your child's results on March 9th.  If your child's message says they are on the Waitlist, please check the Uplift North Hills list below.  If you do not find your child's name on that list, they are 26 or higher on the waitlist for that grade. It is highly unlikely that any names past 25 on each waiting list will have the opportunity for a spot next school year so those names are not posted each year. However, in the case that it does happen, it would not be until after the 2018-19 school year has begun. We do not want to discourage you but many of us on staff are Uplift parents and understand the need for information regarding the chances.  We highly encourage you to apply to other Uplift schools that may fit your family's needs, too!

     If you have any additional questions, please contact Sharon Harman, Community Engagement & Enrollment Coordinator (CEEC) at North Hills via e-mail sharman@uplifteducation.org. Please allow for longer than usual response times due to the high volume of inquiries this time of year.  

    Thank you for your interest in Uplift Education!


    Uplift North Hills Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I received an e-mail that shows "1st" at the top, another number under Uplift North Hills but "Waitlist" is also indicated. What does that mean?

        Please open this visual to help with understanding the message you received.

        The top number shows your preference for this campus when you applied. If it says "1st" that means Uplift North Hills was your first choice when applying to Uplift schools.

        The next number shows your child's grade for 2018-19.  For example, if they are going into 5th grade next year, a "5" will be in this spot.

        If "Waitlist" is indicated on your message, that means your student's name was pulled for the Waitlist. Every applicant is added to the waitlist if they did not receive an open spot.  Because the chances of receiving a spot if you are #26 or higher on the waitlist are almost impossible at North Hills, only the top 25 are posted. Getting to number 26 on the Waitlist would mean that 50 students in that grade level would have had to withdraw or deny a space which is highly unlikely and hasn't happened in years. We do not want to discourage you but many of us on staff are also Uplift North Hills parents and understand the need for information regarding the chances. 

    2. I have one child that was accepted and one that was not. How do I get them both in this coming school year? 

        The student that is on the Waitlist will not likely be accepted for this coming school year.  They will, however, be pulled as a sibling priority next lottery so their chances of being accepted will be increased.  Please note the highest chances of getting accepted happen for Kindergarten and 6th grades.  The next highest chance is 1st grade.  All other grades have a much lower percentage of open spots, if any.


    2. I received an e-mail indicating that my child was accepted in the lottery. What are my next steps? 

        If you have yet to submit your decision online to let us know whether or not you are accepting the spot for 2018-19, please e-mail Sharon Harman at sharman@uplifteducation.org to inform her by noon on March 23, 2018.  Past that deadline, the spot will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

        Once you have indicated you are accepting the spot, the next step will be to enroll online. Instructions will be sent via e-mail regarding re-enrollment. If you do not have an e-mail address or need help with enrolling online, please call 972-501-0645 or stop by the main office at North Hills for assistance.

        After enrolling online, the next step will be to submit requested documents which will be requested of you directly.  A detailed list of what is needed will be sent to you.

        Next, you will attend a Pre-Attendance Conference (PAC) at North Hills.  This will be scheduled for Saturday, May 5th and Sharon Harman will reach out to you with details of your appointment time. Parents and the scholar are required to attend this meeting. Information regarding uniforms, expectations, extracurriculur activities, sports, car line, school schedules and more will be addressed at that time. We will also be accepting school fees to pay for school id badges and student planners. You have the opportunity to order a yearbook and more on this day, as well. Current North Hills parents and students will be available for answering questions, giving tours and accepting donations for student enrichment.



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